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Helllllllllllllooooooooo there! Hope you’re all doing great! If you’d like to seesome of my other photos, AKA ones I haven’t posted on here, then you can mosey on down to a little website called 500px. Yeah, I know, no biggie. So check it out, and lemme know what you think! If you’re feeling extra generous, hit the heart and/or thumbs up button on my pictures to let me know you LOVED them!

xx, Maddy

Top Shots from DTLA Trip

Hey there! Sorry it took me so long to get these up… Picking 23 out of 400 is tedious, to say the least! If you’d like to see more of the photos I took during this trip, lemme know! Hope you enjoy!  I’ll have some of my other stuff up soon … hopefully … (cross your fingers!) 🙂

xx, Maddy

Walt Disney Concert Hall (literally the best place ever)

metal IMG_0020black shard leaf angle sharp shard (better) point wave caution

Olvera Street (so colorful it’s awesome)

skulls  ukes lights windows pico 2

Art District (only one picture??)



hotel  wire

Dorothy Chandler Pavillon (eh)


The Bradbury Building (I wanna live there)


Union Station (75th Anniversary! Wish it a HBD!)

light hanging lamp

Movie to Watch!

Going through 479 photos of LA can be quite time consuming, and somewhat boring. To pass the time, I decided to pick a solid movie. What did I pick, you ask? Well, friend, I chose Lolita… the 1997 version (since I couldn’t find the 1960s one anywhere, and JEREMY IRONS).

If you’d like to partake in watching it with me, here is the totally legal (LOL) link. (If that link is a flop, here’s this backup one). I got chu ;).

Enjoy, my sweets.

xx, Maddy

DTLA Adventure: Introduction

Well hello there! Long time no speak! It’s been, what, 4 months? Sorry ’bout that; sometimes life just gets in the way. Stupid life.

Digressing, my AP Photo class and I took a trip to Downtown LA on Friday Oct. 24th, 2014 to get some pics for our portfolios. Pretty chill, I know. So being snazzy and all, I decided to post some of my favorite photos from the trip! (I took about 479, so def not postin’ all, hehehe).

Since we went to multiple places around the city, I decided to spilt them up into a couple different posts. Each one will have unique pictures to the locations we visited!

This would be a great way to see what DTLA is like, if you’ve never been, and if you’re like me, actually get to see how beautiful the city that you live, like, only 45 min away from is!

So, without further ado, may I present, THE WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL…. comining soon 🙂

WJMC Day 1

Well hello there person reading my blog! My name is Maddy Buss and I’m from Simi Valley, California and I attend Santa Susana Magnet High School (What a mouthful)! Today, I started my first day at WJMC at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. All the way across the country, on a college campus, not knowing one single person is incredibly nerve-racking. Especially when you have a roomate. On my way up to my room, I was super nervous about meeting her. What if she didn’t like me? What if we didn’t get along? Well, all my fears were put to rest when I met her! Kaitlin and I are basically the same person; we hail from the West Coast, wish we were going to Outside Lands in San Fransisco, we brought exactly six band-aids with us, and we have matching umbrellas. Twins.

To kick off WJMC2014, Peter Doocy from FOX News spoke at Dewberry Hall. He started off his speech talking about how he got his start in Journalism in 2008… By asking presidential candidate John McCain if he wanted to do shots with him. (Here’s the video) I was actually stunned when I heard this and immediately made a note in my phone to watch the video when I got back to my dorm. My peers asked some hard-hitting questions, but Doocy answered them with ease. The one thing that stuck with me from the speech was when he said, ‘Say yes to everything, within reason.’ Something about that stuck with me.

Overall, Mr. Doocy’s keynote address was interesting and kept us easily distracted teenagers enthralled with his humor and charisma. I’m so glad I was able to hear him speak, and I can’t wait to see what we do on day two of WJMC!!!

P.S. Freaking out at the moment because Peter Doocy retweeted my picture of him!!